Software products
Here are
a list of programs with descriptions and screen shots.
In a program in the table portion, implemented the basic math functions.
Math functions - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers, insert, copy, block or line. Blocks of numbers for clarity could be separated from each other by empty line.
Using functional panel, you can calculate trigonometric, inverse trigonometric functions, degree or radian measure. Decimal and natural logarithms, reverse value, factorial, degree exhibitors, to raise a number to a power, get root of a number. The program is able to allocate the numbers from the text.

The program is able to allocate correctly the numbers from the text elements which is located in a column and which is placed in the clipboard.
* This version is free. *
Differences from version MC01:

- changed appearance;
- added the function of the project unit(e.g. partial sale, as a result of the quantity by the cost, by activating this opportunities and using the Mat. the operation of addition, it turns out total sales.);
- the panel contains buttons Mat. operations;
- created the ability to change the number of input numbers, fractional numbers parts and the number of rows of input;
- introduced setting button minus the number;
- added module built-in the help.

* Trial period 2 months. *
System requirements
Working operating environment:

- versions MC01 - Windows;
- versions MC02 - Windows XP,7,8;
- versions MC01L - Unix-like.

Necessarily the presence of interpretatora Java 8 at or above.

The calculator program AAS. Version MC01.
The calculator program AAS. Version MC02.
The calculator program AAS. Version MC01_L.
Ordering and payment.
To purchase the program, you should use the registration system built into the the program. The information form, when registering, will show the current licenses.
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